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Risk warning

Foreign exchange trading, as well as options, forwards and day trading, are fraught with great risks. Before making any decisions regarding these operations, it is necessary to assess your financial situation. Trading in foreign currency, you can lose a significant portion of your deposit in a short period. Therefore, to engage in such activities is only when you have the so-called “risk capital”. These are funds which loss will not bring you significant problems and will not affect your well-being.

If you plan to trade foreign currencies, then LimeFX recommends that you first familiarize yourself with the theoretical base, and only then proceed to trade. On the official website, you can find all the necessary information. Read articles, watch videos – learn to manage risks.

LimeFX warns that information materials on third-party sites may contain errors, inaccuracies or irrelevant data. The company is not responsible for the results of traders acting on the basis of information contained on third-party sites.

By accepting the terms of the Service Agreement, you acknowledge that none of the clauses of this agreement are contrary to your views and beliefs. If necessary, you can sign additional agreements with the company that specifies or supplement the rights and obligations of both parties. It is worth noting that the supplementary agreement is valid if it is signed by the client, the signature of the authorized person of the company and the seal of LimeFX. Any documents signed by an unqualified person and without the seal of the company cannot be valid and impose obligations on the company.

The service is not available for residents of Australia, Canada, the USA, Japan and the European Economic Area.