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Client Accreditation
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Client Accreditation

Trading account accreditation is a simple and extremely important procedure for confirming a client identity. The Company blocks accounts that have not passed accreditation. Passing it is very important: this is one of the main requirements of the regulator and this is a guarantee of the security of your means of payment. Verification of documents lasts no more than three business days.

What documents do you need to provide for accreditation?

After registering on the official website of the brokerage company, you will need to enter the trading account and find the “Documents” tab. There you will see special forms for downloading copies:

  • passports;
  • another identification document;
  • a document confirming the residence address;
  • Both sides of the credit card.

Download Requirements

To successfully pass accreditation with the Company, the following rules must be observed:

  • All copies must be in colour;
  • Cropped documents and plastic cards are considered invalid;
  • Passport spread must be in the frame completely;
  • All data, including small prints and watermarks, should be clearly visible;
  • A document confirming the address of residence must be issued no more than 90 days before sending the documentation;
  • The texture of the credit card should be visible;
  • The first six and last four digits should be open on the front side of the bank card;
  • The name of the holder and the validity period of the card should be visible on the front of the bank card;
  • On the back of the card you need to close the CVV code;
  • The back of the card must bear the signature of the holder;
  • If the card number is embossed, the first six and four last digits should be visible on the back.

Copies of a plastic card must be downloaded if you replenished your trading account with a bank card. If you replenished your account by bank transfer or through an electronic wallet, it is enough to send a passport, another identification document and a document confirming the residence address. If during the check it turns out that some copies are missing or some documents do not meet the requirements, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions.

The LimeFX rules do not prohibit replenishing an account using someone else’s credit card if you have a power of attorney confirming your right to use someone else’s means of payment. In this case, during the accreditation process, you will need to send the following documents:

  • passport of the cardholder;
  • confirmation of the cardholder’s residence address;
  • power of attorney issued to you;
  • both sides of the credit card.

The Company provides services only to customers who have passed accreditation. Please note that it is a prerequisite.